Dr. Gareth Lawson

CINAR Fellowship Overview

My research program examines the physical and biological processes that control the distribution and movements of zooplankton and micronekton, as well as the interactions of these animals with higher predators, especially commercial fishes and marine mammals. An important component of my research involves the development and application of new sampling technologies, and high-frequency acoustics in particular.

During my CINAR Fellowship, in collaboration with colleagues at the Northeast Fisheries Science Center, I plan to focus on three inter-related topics: (1) Acoustic technologies for sampling zooplankton and micronekton in the Northeast Shelf Large Marine Ecosystem (NES LME), (2) Euphausiid ecology in the NES LME, and (3) Ecosystem dynamics at the New England continental shelf break. My research on these topics will be complemented by educational activities including the training of graduate students and postdocs and teaching courses in fisheries and zooplankton acoustics.