Dr. Porter Hoagland

CINAR Fellow Overview

Porter Hoagland is a Senior Research Specialist at the WHOI Marine Policy Center, specializing in the application of methods from economics and policy analysis to problems in ocean and coastal management. He holds a Ph.D. in Marine Policy from the University of Delaware. His main research interests include marine spatial planning and ocean zoning, the design of institutions for ocean management, and the characterization of appropriate policy instruments for rationalizing human uses of the ocean. His recent work focuses on the conservation and management of marine fisheries and aquaculture, the economic valuation of large marine ecosystems, marine natural hazards, including shoreline change and harmful algal blooms, and the siting of renewable energy facilities in the ocean. 

As a CINAR fellow, Porter will continue work with colleagues on the development of a conceptual framework for the contribution of the social sciences to ecosystem-based fisheries management (EBFM). Further, he will study the implications of competing models of the US northeast shelf ecosystem for the economic and welfare impacts of alternative fishery conservation and management strategies. Of particular interest is the identification of strategies that perform well under different ecological models and are, therefore, robust against model uncertainty.