Dr. Rubao Ji

CINAR Fellow Overview

My work over the last decade is directly related to Bakun’s “triad” of enrichment, concentration and retention – a unifying framework in fisheries oceanography to understand fisheries recruitment variability.  The focus of my research is to understand biological-physical interactions in ocean ecosystems using numerical modeling approaches, including marine food-web models and individual-based population models for zooplankton and fish in the North Atlantic region.

The CINAR Fellowship support will allow me to work on transferring the tools and data products developed in my previous and on-going research projects for fisheries stock assessment and management,  and to enhance/expand my existing education and training activities with NOAA and SMAST. 

Proposed specific activities include: 1) develop research programs and ocean reanalysis database for stock assessment related purposes; 2)  develop a topical course on quantitative fisheries oceanography and advise students/postdocs from NOAA and SMAST; and 3) organize workshops and attend meetings related to quantitative fisheries management.