Dr. Heidi Sosik

Heidi Sosik is a Senior Scientist in the Biology Department at WHOI. Her research is focused on plankton ecology and responses of populations and communities to environmental changes, including those linked to climate variables. Heidi also works at the forefront of developing new technologies for automated in situ observations of plankton, spanning scales from imaging of microscopic cells to satellite-based remote sensing of coastal waters. The Imaging FlowCytobot (IFCB) automated submersible imaging-in-flow cytometer that she co-invented is proven technology that is now commercially available. IFCB is being actively used for high resolution time series observations, including in application where it provides early warning to mitigate impacts of harmful algal blooms.

As a CINAR Fellow, Heidi will focus on impacts of lower trophic levels on Northeast US shelf ecosystem status, productivity, and expected responses to climate change. She will partner with NOAA scientists and collaborators from other CINAR institution to evaluate and refine indices of phytoplankton community status that are needed for such products as Ecosystem Status Reports and food web models that predict sustainable fisheries yield. Specific activities include advancing use of new imaging technologies for spatial (ship) and temporal (coastal observatory) characterization of patterns of change in plankton and combining in situ observations with state-of-the-art ocean color remote sensing to improve local-to-regional scale plankton retrievals.