Dr. Joel Llopiz

The work in my lab focuses on fish and fish larvae, and their interactions with the biological and physical environment. My primary research objectives as a CINAR fellow will center around three themes. First, I will taxonomically expand our knowledge of the larval fish feeding dynamics of commercially important fishes in the Northeast US Shelf Large Marine Ecosystem (NES LME), including further examining the potential for stock assessment-relative indices of zooplankton composition and abundance. Second, I will continue refining the ‘Diadrocam’ (a high-resolution camera system for quantifying migrating juvenile diadromous fishes) and its image analysis capabilities so that it can be used for broad-scale implementation in riverine systems throughout the Northeast US. Finally, I will continue work with colleagues in the NEFSC’s Food Web Dynamics Program our analyses on NEFSC feeding data and examine them in concert with results from our NSF forage fish project. Overall, as a CINAR fellow I look forward to strengthening and expanding my collaborations with the NEFSC, and initiating research- and education-related interactions with SMAST faculty and students.