Research and Identify Options that Can Assist the Evolution of Groundfish Sectors as Viable Business Options

Kate Burns, Gulf of Maine Research Institute

The purpose of the project is to identify options that can assist sectors become more

viable and effective business organizations. This research will include options for

operational savings, and for income optimization. This work requires analysis of both

the sector operational tasks and costs as well as the profiling of the sector in terms of

representing the allocation, fishing effort and aggregate turnover of its members. This is

based on the premise that a small sector with limited allocation is likely to be able to

support the full operational costs of sector management. That there are options to

share and cut costs. In addition, certain sector profiles may lend themselves to other

business development opportunities, such as contract selling and marketing.

The research will result in profiling sectors by four types. These types will be used as

models to profile increased operational costs and savings. The results will be presented

to industry through a number of convening sessions to assist them devise their own

business plans going forward and to enable them to explore alternative cost savings

arrangements and ways to increase their income.