R/V Atlantis Use in Support of NOAA/PMEL Vents Research Cruise ; Embley

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution will provide the R/V Atlantis with a SSSG
Technician for Dr. Robert Embley to carry out his research as described by the following
statement of work:

Statement of Work

Since 1984, NOAA’s VENTS Program has conducted a global program of exploration and
chemical, biological, and geological research on volcanically hosted ecosystems in the deep sea.
VENTS has pioneered the development of interactive observatories to document the evolution of
such ecosystems on the decadal time scale. These investigations are supported with ~ $2M/yr of
NOAA base funds, leveraged through collaborations with outside investigators. Following the
layup of several large NOAA vessels on the west coast in the mid-1990’s, VENTS has relied on
a mix on NOAA and charter vessel support to accomplish its annual operations.