2011 HabCam Survey of Georges Bank and Phase II of the NOAA HabCam Project

The HabCam benthic imaging system is being developed to provide more efficient and
comprehensive surveys of commercially important benthic organisms such as sea scallops and
groundfish along with the development of a benthic observatory system, which is capable of
quantifying habitat, including species richness, diversity, substrate composition, and ecosystem
change on temporal-spatial scales of minutes to decades and mm to 1000s km.

This proposal has two Objectives:

1) To support the field operations in conducting the annual scallop and groundfish survey on the
3rd Leg of the R/V Sharp cruise June 20-30, 2011. Specifically, the request is for salary support
for set up and breakdown of the equipment on the R/V Sharp and the 10 day cruise itself, to
allow for field testing of the new NMFS/NEFSC HabCamV4, and for production of a suite of
data products within three months of cruise completion.

2) To address Phase II of the NOAA HabCam project: Design and construct a towed vehicle,
purchase and integrate a suit of environmental sensors, develop software to process, display and
extract data from stereo image pairs generated by HabamV4, develop a distributed, web based
manual identification program (MIP), field test all hardware/software, and transition the
technology into NOAA (operational oceanography). These products will be available for
operations on all three legs of the 2012 sea scallop survey.