The Third Dimension: Applying Advanced Imaging & Visualization Technology to Battle of Atlantic Shipwrecks

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution's (WHOI's) Advanced Imaging
and Visualization Laboratory (AIVL) proposes to provide technical assistance in
the acquisition, processing and display of underwater 2D and 3D HDTV imagery
for NOAA's Monitor National Marine Sanctuary Program “A Third Dimension:
Applying Advanced Imaging and Visualization Technology to Battle of the Atlantic
Shipwrecks”. This effort will take place sometime in the summer or early fall of
2011.Using the latest in state of the art high resolution underwater imaging systems
AIVL will work with NOAA Marine Sanctuary personnel in conducting optical surveys
and close up documentation of the shipwrecks in the Battle of the Atlantis project area.
This work will be done in Stereoscopic 3D HD as well as 2D HD and Ultra-high
resolution still images. The Stereoscopic imagery will allow NOAA Marine Archeologists
the ability to easily access the condition of each wreck much more efficiently than 2D
imagery. Future quantitative modeling and feature extraction such as measurements of
key objects will be possible with the 3D data collected. A small penetrate deep inside
shipwrecks of interests for more detailed examinations of the wreck and cultural
artifacts. NOAA plans to use this data for detailed archeological maps/plans as well as
sharing this rich image content with the public through its various visitor centers.