FY 2011 IOOS Data Registry, Catalog and Viewer Development

The U.S. Integrated Observings System (IOOS®) is a national consortium of
governmental and nongovernmental partners who are working to improve the
collection, delivery and use of ocean information. IOOS® enables the delivery of
data and information needed to improve our understanding of the oceans and
coasts. This information is delivered to decision makers concerned with safety
and security of our citizens, unlocking economic and business benefits of the
ocean, and the protection of the ocean environment.

IOOS® released the first version of the IOOS Data Catalog, Registry and Viewer
(RCV) in 2010. The vision of the project is that users of the RCV will be able to
discover and access the information they need for the location and time period of
interest from all available IOOS® partners rather than having to know in advance
which partners operate the actual observing systems and data sources. IOOS®
partners can include NOAA and other federal agencies, the IOOS® Regional
Associations, and potentially other national or international organizations.
The FY 2011 project will make substantial enhancements to the first version of
the RCV. Including improvements in useability, performance, metadata quality,
and access to data. The developers will work directly with the Regional
Associations to include more data sets into the catalog as they become available.