Evolution of Groundfish Sectors Business Model

Jenny Sun, Gulf of Maine Research Institute

This research is a two year project that extends the work accomplished in the first phase of the CINAR project entitled “Research and Identify Options that Can Assist the Evolution of Groundfish Sectors as Viable Business Organizations.”


The first phase of the project was funded by the Social Sciences Branch of the Northeast Fisheries Science Center, sub-awarded by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution ("WHOI") with sub-award #A100860, and conducted by the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) for the period of 6/01/2011-5/31/2012 (with a no-cost extension to March 31, 2013).  


The overall goal of this new two-year  project aims to  provide necessary market information, quota trading analysis, and business models that will enhance Groundfish Sector viability and profitability, both for sector members and for sectors as effective organizations.   Phase 1 of the project (the current ongoing project)  has summarized all available data (in