Restoring Acess to diadromous Fish Habitats and Linkages to Forage-Fish Biomass in the North Atlantic Large Marine Ecosystem;Ecosystem: Ecosystem Modeling

We propose to develop an ecosystem model for the North Atlantic large marine ecosystem (NALME)
using the Ecopath with Ecosim (EwE) software. The model will be an expansion of an EwE model of the
Gulf of Maine developed previously by the PI and his colleagues. Specifically this model will allow
exploration of the response of the NALME to a range of scenarios of recovery of three species of
anadromous fishes: American shad, alewife and river herring. The model will utilize abundance time
series of key species in the ecosystem develop from the NOAA/NMFS/ Northeast Fisheries Science
Centers spring and autumn trawl surveys and from their food habits database. The model will be
initiated to reflect conditions in 1980 and then fit to time series data for the period 1980-2010. From
this foundation, we will explore a range of scenarios of likely levels of recovery of the three targeted
anadromous fishes that could arise from planned investments in habitat restoration.