CINAR input into Quarterly Regional Climate Update Reports

In an effort to deliver a broad range of information on regional climate outlooks and impacts, the National Climate Data Center (NCDC) will be producing quarterly reports that address these issues for each of the defined regions. Here we propose a modest communications and outreach activity in which CINAR investigators will provide information in the form of oceanographic data or model results that document important events or observations that may reflect regional climatic conditions within the Northeast Shelf Large Marine Ecosystem stretching from Cape Hatteras to Nova Scotia. These will be provided to the NOAA Regional Climate Services Director, Eastern Region (RCSD-ER) to be incorporated in quarterly 2-page reports that will be broadly distributed in paper, and eventually online, to regional partners and stakeholders. The goal is to highlight oceanographic data and observations that show linkages to climatic shifts, and where possible, to provide future outlooks and forecasts.