Bi-Lateral US-Canadian Partnership Workshop: Bi National Efforts on Climate and its Impacts on Shared Resources in the Northwestern Atlantic Region

The US and Canada both are heavily dependent on the resources of the northwestern Atlantic
region, which supports, for example, some of the most valuable fisheries in these two countries.
Understanding how this region will respond to climate change is a critical national need for both
nations, and thus there is an urgent need to work jointly to plan and prepare for critical habitat
shifts anticipated both inland and offshore. Here we propose a workshop to organize bi-national
efforts on climate and its impacts to shared resources in the northwestern Atlantic region.
CINAR will provide workshop organizing experience, administrative and scientific support, as
well as a venue. Funds would be used to support travel for non-US federal presenters at the
workshop, which will highlight anticipated climate impacts in the region and begin the
formulation of projects that could be championed jointly. The NOAA Regional Climate Services
Director, Eastern Region (RCSD-ER) would serve as lead for coordination with NOAA and the
U.S. and Canadian federal partners.