Fisheries Science & Management Education Program for Fishermen in the Southeast Fisheries Region

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) proposes to collaborate with partners in the Southeast
fisheries region to develop and implement a Fishery Science & Management Education Program for
commercial and recreational fishermen, modeled after the highly successful New England Marine
Resource Education Program (MREP). This education enables fishermen and others to participate
productively in the fisheries management process, and leads to improved cooperation and trust
between fishermen, scientists and managers. Fundamentally, a co-learning approach is used in this
program, where program developers, program participants and program presenters all learn from one
another through their interactions and collaborations.
A regional Team of Advisors will be recruited and engaged in a program development process. The
New England curriculum will provide a starting point, but will be translated and tailored to the
fisheries, fishing communities, and management practices of the region. GMRI recognizes that
localized cultural differences must be fully understood and will cast a wide net to ensure that the
program is tailored and positioned appropriately for the region.
Twenty program participants will be recruited for each workshop and class composition will reflect a
high degree of diversity. Program implementation will consist of a series of two workshops, which
build upon each other: a multi-day fishery science workshop, followed by a multi-day fishery
management workshop. The format of the workshop creates an open dialogue among participants and
presenters in which they explore ways of fostering cooperation among fishermen, scientists and