Refining Eastern Region Stakeholder Needs for Climate Change Products and Services

Over the past year there has been a robust effort to collect, compile, and review
documents that articulate needs for climate products and services across NOAA
Eastern Region, as part of regional climate services. These written materials are being
entered into a relational database that will allow NOAA and its stakeholders to access,
filter and synthesize the information. Collecting and reviewing this material provides an
essential foundation for a region􀇦wide needs assessment, which is a systematic process
for determining and addressing needs, or "gaps" between current conditions and
desired conditions or "wants." To gain a more comprehensive understanding of
regional needs, it’s critical to enter into a dialogue with key regional stakeholders. The
starting point for that discussion comes from synthesizing what’s been learned from
reviewing all the documents. The end point is coming up with a more refined
understanding of specific needs and identifying ways that NOAA can address
those needs. In some cases, it’s as easy as making stakeholders aware of products and
services that NOAA is already delivering. In other cases, the identification of a
regional need can mobilize NOAA to work across organizational lines to address the
specific need.