50 Year Analysis Global Ocean Surface Heat Flux

In situ air-sea measurements from the ocean climate observing system are at the heart of the
OAFlux project in developing global flux products with enhanced quality. The air-sea
measurements from 130+ moored buoys of the ocean climate observing system have been
integrated to establish the benchmark for identifying and quantifying biases in satellite-derived
measurements and atmospheric reanalyses, validating the bias correction strategy, and evaluating
the accuracy of the OAFlux analysis constructed from the bias-corrected data sets.
The fully validated OAFlux products of 50+ years with high quality have demonstrated their
contribution in helping advance the scientific understanding of global climate variability from
the perspectives of air-sea feedback on a wide range of spatial and temporal scales. The quality
of the OAFlux products and their value in global climate studies demonstrate that the impact and
value of the discrete surface buoy observations are best measured by their integral effect through
a comprehensive and collective approach.
In FY 2013, we are committed to continue our efforts to update and improve the OAFlux 50+
year global analysis with the best possible quality, developing high-resolution flux analysis to
meet the demands of the community to resolve fine-scale spatial structures, and meanwhile,
within the designated budget, we will make our best effort to maintain active research on
interpreting the climate signals suggested by the OAFlux 50-year time series.