Satellite-Derived Climate Data Records of Ocean-Atmosphere Exchange

In the proposed project, surface and near-surface parameters of wind speed, temperature, and humidity will be derived from a combination of satellite observations, with a focus on the use of these variables towards determination of the air-sea turbulent heat fluxes. This research falls directly in line with the Climate Data Records focus on the Earth’s energy and water cycles. The goal is the production of a long-term (20 year) set of surface and near-surface parameters leading to fluxes with consistent, homogeneous errors that have been subjected to a rigorous error analysis. In addition to the data itself, the appropriate documentation for the dataset, as well as the codes and a procedure for quality control will be developed.

The dataset will be a follow-on to the SeaFlux v 1 dataset, with a full 20-year time series
(1987 – 2007) of sea surface temperature and 10-m temperature, wind speed, and specific
humidity at a 3-hourly, 0.25º resolution over the global oceans. These products will be developed for the specific focus of accurate determination of the surface turbulent fluxes. As with the shorter (10-year) version 1 dataset, the TCDRs will be compared against the tens of thousands of measurements available from the SeaFlux Database, in addition to the high-resolution IVAD dataset, based on the ships of opportunity dataset used to develop ICOADS.