Improving Fishery-Dependent Data Collection and Integration into NOAA Fisheries Data Systems

Fishery dependent data is essential to the sound management and sustainability
of our nations fisheries. NOAA Fisheries' Northeast Region has embarked on a
process to review their data systems within both the Regional Office (NERO) and
Science Center (NEFSC). The advent of quota-based management in the
region's multispecies fishery, now under sector management, has taxed the data
systems designed to monitor the fishery and estimate fishing mortality rates
under the old days at sea program. The data needs of other fisheries, such as
herring and scallops, are getting increasingly complex as well. In addition,
leadership within both NERO and NEFSC have identified opportunities in
integrating data systems to create efficiencies and support catch accounting,
stock assessments, and fine-scale management approaches through more timely
and accurate information. The Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) proposes
to conduct a research project to complement and support NMFS's internal review
and modernization of its fishery dependent data collections. GMRI’s work will be
rolled out in five phases, and is focused around cataloguing and communicating
fishery dependent data needs to a broad audience of fisheries stakeholders.
Drawing upon internal data management capacity, GMRI will work to investigate
opportunities for new reporting/monitoring models and new and emerging