Benthic Imaging in Support of Habitat Mapping for Renewable Energy

This proposal consists of objectives and deliverables specifically addressing two different optical imaging gear types used to collect underwater imagery data, which will provide information on substrate type, biological megafauna, and assist in the interpretation of acoustic maps. The WHOI objectives are the following: 1) To operate HabCamV4 on the five day long habitat cruise off the cruise the coast of Maryland between July 23-26, 2) To set up a searchable database and annotation software for HabCam imagery, and 3) To standardize HabCamV4 data output to the CMECS classification schema and train NOAA personnel on image processing, image annotation, database operation and data interpretation.

The SMAST objectives then follow:
1) Use the SMAST–Industry cooperative video survey on high-resolution grid to intensively survey the Wind Energy Areas (WEA), 2) The data from the SMAST survey will be compared with the HabCam data, and 3) Examine the CMECS standards and compare them to the sampling protocol.