Supplement to Building Tools for Applying Climate Science to Fisheries Management

Riley Young Morse, Principal Investigator, Gulf of Maine Research Institute


Working in partnership with the NOAA NCDC Northeast Regional Climate

Center, The Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) will develop an online

dashboard to make a variety of information available to fisheries

management community. Priority data sources identified through user needs

efforts will be reviewed from a variety of sources including observational

data (buoys and satellites), climatologies, and blended projections.

Additional data products such as fisheries advisories and climate outlooks

will also be reviewed as potential components of the dashboard. The

dynamic and web-delivered dashboard tool will integrate these data sources

together and make them accessible to the fisheries management community.

Additional funding received in Years 2 through 4 of the project will

enable GMRI to add more stakeholder-driven data sets, develop seasonal and

decadal visualizations, and work directly with stakeholders at the

Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Fisheries Management Councils