Sustained Observations of the Subtropical Northwest and Tropical-to-Subtropical Northeast Atlantic

Alison M. Macdonald Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


Over the last twenty to thirty years national and international efforts to obtain continuous observed records of water column properties and surface ocean/lower atmosphere conditions through mooring and buoy arrays have been enhanced by the repeat hydrographic surveys. While the moored instrumentation provides high-temporal resolution information at a single location, the hydrography provides high quality, high vertical resolution, full-water-column observations across broader regions that can be used for calibration as well as analysis. Building the observational record over time, these observations are now beginning to provide a climate-scale record of ocean conditions. This proposal seeks funding to continue hydrographic repeat transect components of the North Atlantic monitoring efforts known as the Western Boundary Time Series and the Prediction and Research Moored Array in the Tropical Atlantic Northeast Extension, and to investigate property changes in the deep western water-mass in the North Atlantic using the new and existing western boundary time-series of hydrographic observations.