Supplement to: Ocean Climate Observations and Analyses Stratus Ship Charter

Robert Weller and Albert Plueddemann, Physical Oceanography Department, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) Ocean Reference Station (ORS) project is carried out to provide critical, sustained observations of a key region of the ocean – the trade wind region that covers roughly 50% of the ocean surface in a wide belt spanning the equator. To provide continuous, climate-quality observing of the trade region, we have developed surface moorings with the capability of making sustained, accurate observations at the sea surface and in the water column, and have chosen ad occupied three key trade wind sites. The Stratus ORS at 20°S, 85°W is one of the three sites maintained by WHOI.

The most recent Stratus mooring turn around was conducted in April 2015 on the Chilean Navy oceanographic research vessel AGS-61 Cabo de Hornos. To maintain a continuous, high-quality time series the ORS moorings require service at 12-14 months after initial deployment. In order to make this possible, the June 2016 Stratus mooring service cruise will again be carried out on the Cabo de Hornos.

This supplement requests funding for 15 days of ship time and associated shipboard food and lodging costs on the Cabo de Hornos.