Pacific Arctic Group (PAG) Secretariat Office III, 2014-2015

Jacqueline Grebmeier, Woods Hole Ocranographic Institution


The Pacific Arctic Group (PAG) is a networked group of international institutes and individuals having a Pacific perspective on Arctic science. Originally organized under the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC), the now independent PAG has as its mission to serve as a Pacific Arctic regional partnership to plan, coordinate, and collaborate on science activities of mutual interest. The current PAG science themes are focused on the structure and function of Arctic ecosystems, including atmosphere, sea ice, oceanography, and modeling. NOAA is supporting efforts to maintain the PAG Secretariat Office at
the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory/UMCES and PI Grebmeier was elected Chair of the PAG in fall 2012 for a 2 yr. term. The PAG Secretariat maintains a PAG list server of participants, organizes biannual PAG international meetings, and updates and maintains a PAG website ( The PAG activities are centered around networking oceanographic field activities in the Pacific Arctic region, coordinating the Distributed Biological Observatory (DBO) as an international time-series array of
latitudinal transects in the region, and undertaking various synthesis activities to better understand and track ecosystem status and trends in the Pacific Arctic marine region.