Publication of a Special Issue of Oceanography Magazine on Emerging Themes in Ocean Acidification Science

Heather Benway, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


The Oceanography Society (TOS) proposes to publish a special issue of Oceanography
magazine in June 2015 entitled “Emerging Themes in Ocean Acidification Science.” The
proposed issue will contain peer-reviewed articles that will synthesize the outcomes from
breakout discussion sessions at the 2013 Ocean Acidification Principal Investigators’ (OAPI)
Meeting, and review subtopics of ocean acidification science that were not deeply explored at the OAPI meeting, yet are of broad interdisciplinary interest. Breakout discussions addressed overarching questions that sought to: 1) document the state of ocean acidification knowledge in an interdisciplinary context; 2) start synthesizing trends and themes in the science across environments and processes; 3) explore how enhanced interdisciplinary activity can address knowledge gaps; and 4) identify logical short-term steps and longer-term goals for the research community. Additional papers are being submitted by meeting attendees to cover the full scope of ocean acidification research at present.