Groundfish Vessel Crew Rapid Assessment

The first few months of sector management hold great uncertainty for groundfishermen,
and many industry members are concerned about the impact on large vs. small vessels,
different ports, captains vs. crew and other sub-groups. Earlier this year, the Gulf of
Maine Research Institute conducted a project, funded by the Northeast Fisheries Science
Center’s Social Sciences Branch, that identified critical concerns and indicators of social
and economic change in fisheries as management shifts to catch shares. One crucial
result of this project was to underline that the interests of vessel crew are
underrepresented and often difficult to assess. Little is known or documented about the
impacts the new management system may have on vessel crew, or even how to
effectively reach crewmen to measure these impacts.
In order to improve available social and economic data on vessel crew, this project will
utilize ethnographic interviewing and focus groups to obtain a baseline snapshot of
current crew conditions identify potential impacts from the groundfish regulations; and
assess how best to contact, measure, and track changes in the vessel crew population in
the future.