Development, Enhancement and Operation of Software Components for the IOOS Data Portal

This project directly supports Goal 1 of the IOOS Strategic Plan - "Improve
access to high-quality, integrated data." The Data Portal will provide a single
point of access to the standardized data servers that have been and will be
established as part of IOOS. Project objectives will establish the Data Catalog -
a spatial database capable of storing metadata about IOOS data access services
as well as observations and model outputs provided by those services; Harvester
that can obtain detailed metadata from SOS services and populate (a) the Data
Catalog and (b) a Web-Accessible Folder (WAF) for indexing by search engines;
an interface to DAP/WCS/WMS harvester; a map-based, web-accessible Viewer
that provides a visual interface to the Data Catalog; and an HTML-based query
form providing a textual interface to the data catalog.