Technical Services and Improvement of FVCOM for NOAA Modeling Activities

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Robert Beardsley, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

The objectives of this project are to 1) maintain and update standardized FVCOM software to meet NOS requirements for development and implementation of NOS operational forecast
systems on NOAA’s high performance computers; 2) provide timely technical support to the
NOS OFS development and implementation process; 3) hold an FVCOM workshop at NOAA in
Silver Spring, Maryland to update NOAA modelers on FVCOM and to address NOAA
questions; 4) host NOS OFS developers for technical consultation at UMASSD, as needed; 5)
hold conference calls with NOS OFS developers, as needed; 6) support NOAA in applying
FVCOM multi-domain nesting techniques; and 7) assist FVCOM code modification to support
ecological applications of FVCOM. The multi-domain nesting techniques are being developed
for the US Northeast Coastal Ocean Forecast System (NECOFS) and the FVCOM offline
biological models are used for the NECOFS region for the long-term simulation of ecological
processes in the Gulf of Maine. FVCOM teams will provide the updated examples of techniques used for NECOFS to support the NOAA modeling activities.

Last updated: November 16, 2018