Dr. Joel Lopiz

Joel received his B.S. in Marine Science from Eckerd College and his Ph.D. in Marine Biology and Fisheries from University of Miami's Rosensteil School.

My general research interests lie in the realm of larval fish and zooplankton, with an emphasis on the trophic role of fish larvae in planktonic food webs. Past and current work has also included the influence of feeding on larval growth, and investigating the spatial and temporal distributions of both fish larvae and their preferred prey. Though my previous experience has been in tropical and subtropical systems, I am expanding my horizons by beginning to link the patterns in larval fish trophodynamics within both higher and lower latitudes through a large-scale comparative study. This work will use a variety of data sources and techniques, including stable isotope analyses, to better understand the latitudinal and nearshore-offshore variability in the factors governing the successful feeding of larval fishes in these habitats. With such information we can better predict the potential vulnerabilities that the larval stage of commercially and ecologically important species may have due to global change and other anthropogenic impacts.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to pursue this work at WHOI where I will be working with Carin Ashjian, Simon Thorrold and Cabell Davis. However, I will likely be working most extensively with Jon Hare at NOAA/NMFS who is leading the cruise along the eastern seaboard with which my research will be associated. Since my interests involve both fish and zooplankton, I also look forward to being a part of other projects and bridging a gap at WHOI between these two areas of study by tying in the role larval fish in large-scale planktonic processes.


Joel's office is located in Redfield 244 - Mail Stop #33 and his email is jllopiz@whoi.edu