Dr. Ke Chen

Please welcome Dr. Ke Chen as CINAR's 2012 Postdoctoral Scholar.

Ke Chen received his B.S. and M.S. in Physical Oceanography from Ocean University of China and his Ph.D. in Marine Science from North Carolina State University.

My research interest lies in understanding coastal ocean dynamics, including physical-biological interactions and how regional ocean circulation is affected by global climate change. While most of my work has been based on numerical models, I am trying to combine both in-situ observations and numerical modeling down the road. My previous work focused on the physical and biological processes at the shelfbreak of the Mid-Atlantic Bight. I also examined the Gulf Stream Warm-Core Ring (WCR) interactions with the shelfbreak front and related nutrients response using 4-dimensional Variational (4DVAR) Data Assimilation (DA). At WHOI, I work primarily with Glen Gawarkiewicz and Steve Lentz to investigate the coastal circulation dynamics under the influence of climate change signal. Using a variety of observations, I hope to better understand the temporal and spatial characteristics of a recent extreme event and its impact on the coastal ocean.


Ke’s office is Clark 343A, MS# 21 and his email is kchen@whoi.edu