Progress Report Form


Progress reports for funding during the period April 1, 2017 through March 30, 2018 will be due to the CINAR office by April 30, 2018.

Please complete the following sections below for the Progress Report, and the Personnel Supported through CINAR form.

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You will see that the request for publicationshas been requested in two spots. Click on  the downloadable Publication Excel spreadsheet complete and email it back to the CINAR office. NOAA is also requesting that you provide the information in the box below.

Please contact Mindy Richlen or Ann Stone if you have any questions.




Figure captions


The total number of employees by job title and terminal degree that receive at least 50% support from NOAA.
Research Scientist
Visiting Scientist
Post Doctoral Fellow
Research Support Staff
The total number of employees (including postdocs and visiting scientists) that received < 50% annual salary support.
Total number of undergraduate and graduate students receiving any level of support.
Undergraduate Students
Graduate Students
The number of employees/students that receive 100% of their funding from an OAR lab and/or are located within that lab.
CategoryLab NameNumber
Located at lab (include name of lab).
The number of employees/students that were hired by NOAA within the last year.
Obtained NOAA employment within the last year

Download the Publications Excel Spreadsheet